My Blogsite is about living and working in the Northern seaside town of Morecambe. How the community is progressing through the regeneration process.How the success of the local Football Team also reflects the growing positivity within the Town.

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Future of Morecambe.

What do we want for the future of our town. Glorious views and plenty of amenities or we could have flats and shops and more flats.
Tourism is our future as it has been our past. Tourism will only exist if we have something to attract people-more people are taking short breaks in this country. city breaks for theatres and restaurants.
We could have good shows and events we already have some fine restaurants.
We need many theatres for cultural events: plays, musical venues for the arts, musical events and festivals ( eat your heart out Pilton). We need a strong cultural base or alternatively we could knock down our theatres and build flats, shops and more flats.
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